Save $189.95 Learn French with Rocket French – Rocket Languages Coupons

Save $189.95 Learn French with Rocket French -Rocket Languages Coupons

Levels 1, 2, & 3

Takes you from beginner to advanced.You will reach an advanced conversational level.

  • 422 hours of lesson time
  • 8076 phrases with voice recognition
  • 99 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 112 Language & Culture lessons
  • 3 BONUS Survival Kits worth $149.85

Try the online French course that’s practical, powerful & proven to work

Rocket French has the best tools and technology for you to love your French language-learning journey! You won’t have to worry about investing time in something that doesn’t work. With the Rocket Languages Mastery Method™, you will master French in the most effective way possible.

After using Rocket French for a few days, you will see that this system is different from other French-learning apps and software out there. You will learn how to speak French confidently, without mind-freezing in real-life conversations.